On vacation

H. and I are currently in beautiful British Columbia — visiting our oldest son and his wife and their four children. We don’t see them nearly as often as we’d like — this time the absence had stretched from Christmas — but every visit is a wonderful experience and somehow we’ve managed to stay closely bonded. The children are at the age now where they make cards and welcome posters for us, so it’s all very heart-tugging and warming indeed!

Tomorrow H. and I set off on a cruise to Alaska, the inside passage. We’ve never done anything like this before, so we’re looking forward to experiencing ship life and to seeing the “sights.” Then it’s back for a few more days with the kids, before we return to Manitoba to pick up our regular routines of work and writing. The first week after our return contains Canada’s first Truth and Reconciliation Commission public events, to be held in Winnipeg. I’m hoping to take in as much of that as I can.

All this to say I may not post much for the next week or two, or even check in, unless I’m inspired with some thoughts post-Alaska. But the next weeks belong first to us and to our children and to the relaxation of vacation. Until later then….

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