Glory be!

A short post today, but momentous (I think), namely to say that we have the gift of another grandchild, a darling baby girl born yesterday. Our fifth grandchild but the first for this particular family (our second son and daughter-in-law). First or fifth, each birth feels amazing, even miraculous. This Inuit birth song expresses it best:

She was unloaded and delivered to us, glory be!
Unloaded from her mother, the little one, delivered,
And we all say Glory Be!

3 thoughts on “Glory be!

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your fifth grandbaby which truly is once again a miracle of hope and faith and love incarnated. And so lovely that this birth happened just as the season of Advent is about to begin when we’re more open to hearing angel song … It pleases me to think that angels sing at every birth–sometimes, like Mary & Elizabeth & Anna we just hear them more clearly because we’re so deeply connected as grandmothers or mothers who are already holding & pondering the events of that birth so closely in our hearts. So lets listen to those glorias ring!

    • Thanks Shirley and Leona. Anticipation, that’s for you, Shirley, and pondering “closely,” yes, our stance after the child comes and is unfolded to us throughout her life.

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