14 thoughts on “Now for something completely different

  1. I might be one of the first to have watched! I loved having a chance to see your face, and hear your voice. One of the things we are missing right now is connection, so I liked your idea. You asked about the new things the rest of us are trying. I am making some cards, which puts to use my enjoyment of trying to capture beauty, with my need to get rid of anxiety that sneaks up on me daily. And the other thing that is new to me, is watching a variety of classes, including my second three part poetry class led by David Whyte. I am not learning to write poetry, but to listen and reflect with him, and it’s just what I need. I’ll tune in to see your face any time!

    • You may have been! So thank you for taking the five minutes! It’s great to hear what you’re doing. I’m especially intrigued by the idea of taking classes online. To listen and reflect about poetry sounds wonderful.

  2. Fun seeing you…I think I will need a written form, also, for book talks…so I can go back…and back…and analyze…and think about it…and…

  3. Hardy and I just finished watching your video musings. Great idea, connecting in this way, Dora. Jubilee has been zooming on Sunday evenings at 6, you could join us if you wanted to. It’s quite informal at the beginning and ending, with some reflection in between. I lead it once. Strange, how I don’t picture myself at all the way I look!
    My new thing is writing my story for my grandchildren and drawing pictures to go with it. Our printer is on the fritz and so I’m printing the pages by hand (they can’t read cursive!). It somehow frees me to do it for my grandchildren because I know they won’t judge me. I’m writing about me up to the age of 12.

    • Thanks Elfrieda! Have been zooming quite a bit in various contexts; met this morning with a book club that was doing ATB. It takes getting used to, having our own image in front of us when we engage with others! — What a wonderful “new thing” you’re doing, bringing the “old” forward into your grandchildren’s lives.

  4. Good on you for continuing to try new things, things that require you to take a risk. Speaking your thoughts aloud has a spontaneous quality. For me this first video blog is like hearing your journal read aloud. I would certainly listen to the 5- minute YouTube videos you mentioned. I like the idea of your responses to what you have read, or maybe re-read. A lighter, more interesting approach than a book review!

    On Mon., May 18, 2020, 2:44 p.m. Borrowing Bones, wrote:

    > doradueck posted: “So today I tried something completely new: my first > video post. I say why here. I’d love it if you would play along and take a > listen. :)” >

    • Thanks Eunice; appreciate your comments. I’ll need to give the idea of “further” more thought, that was pretty spontaneously shared all right! Keep well!

  5. Hi Dora, It was wonderful to see your face. It put a smile on my face. I’ve been sewing masks and making quilt tops for MCC. Need to find a new way to exercise as the pools are closed. Stay healthy and happy. Myrna

  6. That was fun! You do very well on video, Dora. I noticed that on the Cameron Dueck interview, which I enjoyed very much. Seeing you, hearing your voice, a whole other dimension to the simple written word. However, for myself, I shall stick with writing. I really do not like seeing videos or photos of myself. As for what I’m doing during this pandemic–writing, gardening, visiting with daughters in my front yard, sitting in lawn chairs in a 6′ equilateral triangle, May is my favorite month in the NW, and I’m savoring it as deeply as I can. Nothing new, just more time for these things I love.

    • Thank you Loretta. And probably I shall stick to words too, for the most part. Who knows? 🙂 I don’t know if I have a favourite month, but I think I might well concur with May. Yours sounds deeply pleasurable, so do savour. And an hello to your daughters from me! (I’m looking forward to the next installment of your story. It’s so interesting and well written, and I’m not just saying that!)

  7. It’s 11.30 at night in the UK and I am sorting through my emails, so I was determined to watch this and “see” you, Eunice’s great friend, and I’m glad I did. Of course, we are sad that our trip to Canada can’t take place, as we had hoped to meet you too, Dora, but perhaps next year.

    I loved the honesty of this video and I could relate to you when you spoke about your “pandemic shaggy hair” – don’t we all have this? Well, I guess you don’t if you live with a hairdresser, but most of us don’t! I might even try something like this myself, but in the meantime, I have been going for walks on my own, something I wouldn’t normally do.

    I am a “people” person and love chatting with others, but as my husband has been busy in the garden, I have taken to walking on my own to a wonderful place just near to where we live – a huge field surrounded by woodland – and which has become my “stage” because I love to sing – so armed with my iPod and earphones, I have sung and prayed my way round this huge field. I rarely see anyone, but when I do see the occasional dog walker, I don’t stop singing and hope it doesn’t bother them, because it sure doesn’t bother me!

    I have made a video for our Church online about the good things that have happened during this pandemic and I am presently recording some Christian poems I have written to be used on our local radio for the Sunday Morning Christian spot, so I’m never bored. In fact, there never seem to be enough hours in the day for me, which is why I am up quite late at night.

    Please do more of these video chats. Incidentally, since all this started, and we have been self-isolating for the last 10 weeks now, I haven’t read a complete book – and yet I love reading – but as you know, I keep busy by taking my daily photograph and writing a journal to go with that, so I know I will get back to it sometime. M xx

    • Well, thank you Maureen, for your “chat” with me and all the news of the new and old you’ve been up to. Somehow the thought of marching around a field and singing brings a big smile to my face, and I’m glad it doesn’t bother you either if you are seen. Ah, the relative freedom of this stage. Do keep safe and well!

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