Further to the matter of fear

Now back from my lovely interlude with our new grandbaby and her parents in Toronto, I want to pick up my regular posting here, and particularly say a few more things about Scott Bader-Saye’s Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear by way of review.

As mentioned in the previous post, Bader-Saye assesses our culture as a fear-ridden one. I should mention that he assumes an American audience and frame of reference. Since we as Canadians share American culture to a significant degree and since we are also well used to the extra demands and adjustments reading as “outsiders” requires of us, which we fulfill almost intuitively from long practice, this wasn’t too irritating, though I do wish he’d been more deliberate about stating his Ameri-centric context. I might also insert that the practice of reading American material as Canadians might be used to illustrate the effort women had to bring to their reading for so many decades in earlier times, when the language and context assumed men, and still sometimes have to bring to their listening and reading in non-inclusive contexts. You can know you’re included and make the appropriate applications, you can recognize all the overlap, but still, it takes work and the skills honed by habit, and may provoke, depending on the situation, irritation either mild or painful. But this aside to an aside is taking me off way off course… Continue reading