News and notes

— The decade opens with some significant changes underway for Mennonite Brethren. Executive director David Wiebe and communications director Cam Rowland have resigned, here, and here, and the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in Fresno, Cal. is making a major move, merging with Fresno Pacific University. What this all means for the Canadian executive board, here.
— The Mennonite Weekly Review online has a news story and photos up about the Feb. 7 service of prayer and lament for Bolivian Mennonite women.
— A second ICOMB Global Higher Education Consultation is being planned for June 2011, in Winnipeg. The first consultation happened in 2007. To receive the Global Education Newsletter, which provides an interesting update on MB educational institutions around the world, contact “Ettie J at”

Al Kehler gives an overview of Mennonites in Bolivia, at the Feb. 7 service of prayer and lament. Photo by Ray Dirks.

The top 10 Mennonite Brethren stories of the decade

The transition from old to new year is always a great time for picks and pans, for looking back and making lists. This year, of course, there was an entire decade to grab on to and re-consider. 

The international and national scenes have already been covered by the media pundits, but I put my hand to a list of my own on a rather smaller scale: the top 10 stories of the decade for Mennonite Brethren.

Although I worked with the denomination for five years of the decade, please be assured there’s nothing official or sanctioned about this list, and please realize too the opinions and impressions are entirely my own.

In no particular order then, and for tried-and-true MB conference junkies only (I’m warning), here are my picks for the top MB stories of the decade:
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