Woohoo! Wild! and Whizbang!

The place where I blog (on a day when it's tidy)

For several months now, WordPress has rewarded me with a cheer when I publish a blog post. This cheerleader Function has some very enthusiastic words in its repetoire, including the three in the title above, and others such as sly! brilliant! impressive! groovy! handy! (handy?) and fantastic! This is a Function that is obviously high on exclamation marks and adjectives-for-building-others’-self-esteem potions. Like kindergarten children who quickly learn to ignore praise that is excessive and indiscriminate (whether a page of scribbles or something actually labored over), I do not allow myself to take these words seriously. I do appreciate, however, that said Function tells me how many posts I’ve now posted, and quickly scans my latest column to suggest additional tags. Each time it also suggests three intriguing ideas for future posts, which I’ve not yet used, but surely will if I run out of ideas. (E.g. What gift would you like to anonymously send someone?) Continue reading