The launch

The weather in Winnipeg has been wonderfully fine and everything feels green and alive again, and in the midst of it all, yesterday evening, the occasion of launching “This Hidden Thing.” My longest-time friend Eunice came from Edmonton for the event (and some good conversation, as always) and many other local friends and family came too. I think we all — CMU Press and McNally Robinsons Bookstore and those of us who participated in one way or another — thought it had gone exceedingly well. I feel so grateful and blessed for the support and interest of others.

I can’t say I wasn’t a bit nervous, but once I got into reading the texts I’d selected for my small sampling, I felt completely at home again, and inside those words (using launch as a nautical image, rather than explosion as in sending off a rocket!) the book slipped off into its journey as a book. Felt at home, I say, but it’s curious, and I’m sure other writers know what I mean, there’s a kind of detachment too. The book sails away, and I’m on shore.  It’s where I want to be.

Signing books. (Both photos: Eunice Sloan)


9 thoughts on “The launch

  1. Yes, it was a wonderful launch, Dora, as in the nautical image you note! Which reminds me of that biblical image of “casting your bread/gift upon the waters” and letting it go where it will. Perhaps, that explains the initial nervousness giving way to feeling at home with things once you began reading Maria’s story (I could sense that happening as you read), followed by that familiar writer’s feeling of detachment which suggests it really is Maria’s story which will no doubt find a life of its own in the hearts/lives of the many who will read the book in the days, weeks and years to come. It was great to be part of the launch which went swimmingly with everyone relaxed and enjoying the evening. It’ll be fun now to watch the book sail/sale away while observing you busy writing your next one– on the shore! Congratulations!

  2. Dora, Congratulations. As my youth sponsor at church when I was younger, you shaped my life. Now, as we are both older, you continue to inspire me with the way you use your voice to speak life.

  3. Thanks so much, all of you, for your congratulations and kind words.
    @ Eunice: 🙂
    @ Leona: I love the way you’ve worked the nautical theme in yourself, with the biblical reference! I’ve never quite understood the bread on the waters picture, I confess, (doesn’t it sink immediately? can anyone enlighten me on what it means?) but the notion of casting it forth to go where it will/must is freeing. I imagine that’s what preachers too do all the time, right Mary Anne, Ryan, David?

  4. Exciting to find this book. Dora, I’m eager for it to sail my way. Haven’t been visiting your blog as I intended, but glad I came back.
    And as to your reflections on wind…. spring winds here in northern Arizona HOWL relentlessly creating sandstorms that close down highways, reminding us of our parched powerlessness, our need of water.

    • Oh, I love the idea you’ve added of the wind creating thirst, reminding us of need. In that respect, northern Arizona sounds like Paraguay. Remember Paraguay?

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