In the beginning

Water & Wilderness (Week 1): Mark 1:9-11

In the beginning… God’s spirit hovered over the water (Genesis 1:1). Now, too, at the beginning of Jesus’ journey,  the Spirit hovers over the water  and descends. No sooner had he come up out of the water than he saw…the Spirit, like a dove… There is a voice: You are my Son, the Beloved; my favor rests on you.

How significant, to begin with blessing, with affirmation. Given before the wilderness, before the work. Not earned for doing well, in other words, but because of love and relationship. It’s foundational, pre-everything. — I enter the story to see, feel, and hear. How personal it is, this blessing, not offered in a secondhand way by saying to those roundabout, he is…, but letting them hear, you are

I recently read Richard Rohr’s A Lever and a Place to Stand. He says he found a lot of “alienated, angry, and negative” people in social activism. So he seeks, through his Centre, to bring justice work and prayer together, to ground action in contemplation.

I get still, and listening, I hear these words also to me: You are my daughter, and I love you. – It’s snowing as I write, big, soft, steady flakes of snow. I want to let the blessing fall and layer me deeply, as deeply as this snow.

6 thoughts on “In the beginning

  1. Thanks, Dora, for another reminder of this significant time in the Christian calendar. Yesterday I was profoundly blessed at the Jubilee Ash Wednesday Service as we sat in quiet reflection and then moved to four different stations for confession, cleansing, molding and healing.

  2. Dora, I just finished “A Lever and A Place to Stand” as well, and now reading “Falling Upward.” I am finding the writings of Richard Rohr to feed my soul right now and it is encouraging when others I respect are reading him as well.

  3. @ Elfrieda. I too was blessed by the Ash Wednesday service at Jubilee. The service itself was powerful, as well as the co-operation it represents for two congregations one long block away from each other. That coming together for transformation represents something of the kingdom of God.

    • I’ve heard good things about the service and I too am glad we have this tradition of the two churches working togethert. We were so sorry to miss it this year — our MTC fell that night and we’d already switched our tickets once… Not that you need to hear my excuse! 🙂

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