And something sweet

I had a note from Celeste Kennel-Shank of Mennonite Weekly Review that the 80-plus-year-old newspaper has launched a blog, “The World Together,” which is great to hear, and means thoughtful and interesting commentary ahead. She also told me that I won the blog naming prize, meaning they picked the blog name I suggested. Since I don’t win stuff that often, and don’t play the lottery,  I’m rather pleased for sure, and will certainly enjoy the prize, a year’s subscription to MWR.

When I worked at the MB Herald I had access to a good number of publications, from Mennonite to other religious to academic and news journals, and one of my favourites was definitely the Mennonite Weekly Review. And I’m not just saying that because they gave me the prize. MWR is not a denominational paper but seeks to serve the entire Mennonite community. I think it’s the best first source for keeping up with what’s going on in the larger landscape of Mennonite conferences, agencies, schools, and happenings. It’s somewhat more tuned to the U.S. scene but works hard to cover the field and always looks and sounds professional.

Isn’t it a sweet irony, though, being rewarded for participating in a cyber-publishing launch with a whole year of weekly ink on newsprint? Fortunately, I’m still quite attached to the old ways of newspapers, magazines, and books, even though I read a lot online as well. I received a year’s subscription to the elegant Christian Century for my birthday, so this is going to be a blessed year indeed, in terms of the mail person’s comings and goings at our front door.

Oh, and please note note that editor Paul Schrag’s first post at the MWR blog is called “Responding to rapes in Bolivia” and comments on the Bolivian Mennonite story which has been a topic at this blog a few times already as well.